The Luwians: A Lost Civilization Comes Back to Life

At the initiative of Nobel laureate Prof. Manfred Eigen, for more than 50 years outstanding scientists from around the world get together to exchange ideas during a winter seminar in the Swiss mountain village of Klosters. Over the years about 40 Nobel laureates have lectured at the Winterseminar.

This video shows the keynote by the President of Luwian Studies, Dr. Eberhard Zangger, at the 50th Winterseminar on 18 January 2015.

Guido de Columnis – The Trojan War

The Historia destructionis Troiae (The Story of Troy’s Demise) written by Guido de Columnis in 1287, presented by Dr. Eberhard Zangger, President of the Board of Luwian Studies.

The End of the Bronze Age

Around 1200 BCE, the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean went into major cultural decline: The Late Bronze Age came to a sudden end. Kingdoms that had wielded immense power completely disappeared. For several centuries after this, agriculture was people’s only means of subsistence. These were pivotal changes in history. Explaining them remains one of the big challenges in Mediterranean archaeology.

In this video, the foundation Luwian Studies presents a comprehensive and plausible scenario of what might have happened.