Kömür Adası

Number: 79

Periods: N, Ch, EBA, MBA, LBA, IA, A


The island Kömür Adası is about 190 x 80 m in size and located in the Bay of Akbuk, c. 13 km east of Didyma. The island is now connected with the coast through a narrow stone wall. So far no excavations have been made. The settlement history on Kömür Adası began in the Late Neolithic period and ends with the transition between the Geometric and Archaic period, says Walter Voigtlander, who used to work at Didyma. The prehistoric material culture resembles other West-Anatolian centers. Minoan vessels appear after 1500 BCE, Mycenaean pottery after 1400 BCE.


Literature: Voigtländer 1986; Voigtländer 1987; Voigtländer 1988; Voigtländer 1990

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Latitude, Longitude: 37.410500, 27.399750