Sakarcalı Höyük

Number: 117

The settlement is located about 8.5 km east of the district town Kırkağaç and 3.5 km west, north-west of the village Karakurt. It lies in the valley of the Bakırçay River, the ancient Kaikos, which runs 100 m south of it. The settlement is about 90-100 by 75-80 m in size and 5 m high. According to the surface finds it was settled in the Late Chalcolithic and in the Early, Middle and Late Bronze Age. The pottery of the Middle Bronze Age is similar to the ceramics of Maltepe (Bakıralan Tepe) Höyük.

Literature: Akdeniz 2010; Dinç 1997

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Latitude, Longitude: 39.118767, 27.770850