Board Meeting of Luwian Studies – one year after

A year ago today, the last meeting of the board of Luwian Studies took place in Zurich in the form of a personal get-together. Scholars from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, the USA and even China came together in Zurich to hear Dr. Tijmen Pronk lecture about Indo-European and Anatolian languages, to have stimulating conversations and to enjoy an unforgettable dinner at the Hotel Savoy, which our host and board member Matthias Oertle had arranged. How has life all over the world changed in that one year! Of course, all other meetings had to be held by video conference – which worked perfectly, but of course does not create the atmosphere that arises when like-minded people meet. The foundation did not communicate externally during the pandemic as everyone’s attention and capacity was dedicated to more important issues. We are all now very much looking forward to being able to go back into the field – and hopefully to soon be able to meet up again in person.