Book review of “The Luwian Civilization”

The editor-in-chief of the scholarly journal “Folia Orientalia”, the Polish linguist Professor Tomasz Polański, has just published a book review of “The Luwian Civilization – The Missing Link in the Aegean Bronze Age”. The book, authored by Eberhard Zangger, was published in English in May 2016 and in German in October 2016, thus long before the now controversially discussed documents from James Mellaart’s estate had been retrieved.

The reviewer says: “It is a pleasure to open this richly illustrated and graphically aesthetic book. As a Classical Greek teacher and archaeologist, in conclusion to my review I would like to say that I have never read a book or paper which gives such a clear presentation of certain passages drawn from the Homeric and post-Homeric literary tradition and their relation to the age of invasions ca 1200 BC and to the geography of Troas, Aeolia and Western Anatolia and the topography of Hisarlik.

“Zangger’s book with its refreshing perspectives on the Luwians and their civilization may prove invaluable for the philological Homeric scholarship.”