Change of Venue in Istanbul

There is a last-minute venue change for Eberhard Zangger’s lecture, entitled “On the Trail of Lost Civilizations: Sun, Moon, and Gods in Hittites”, originally scheduled to take place on Thursday, 21st November at 14:00 at Istanbul University. The lecture will no longer be held in the Istanbul University itself; it will now take place across the street in the conference hall of the Celal Ağa Konağı Hotel (Kemal Paşa, Şehzadebaşı Cd. No:1, 34134 Fatih/Istanbul). The beginning of the talk will be postponed to 14:30.

The invitation to lecture at the University was kindly brought forward by a member of the Faculty of Humanities and widely publicized on posters. However, the venue change became necessary since the invitation was later withdrawn by the Directorate of the Hittitology Department via Facebook post.

The lecture will be held in English and simultaneously translated into Turkish.

Place and time for the lecture on Friday, 22 November 2019 at the Galatasaray University (16:00 clock, room I 107) remain unchanged.