Book “The Luwian Culture” available in Turkish

The book “The Luwian Culture – The Missing Link in the Aegean Bronze Age” has now been published in Turkish (“Luvi Uygarlığı. Ege’nin Bronz Çağındaki Eksik Halka”). It can even be downloaded as a PDF free of charge: The book contains virtually all the texts and most of the illustrations that make up the German version of the website. People who are interested in the Middle and Late Bronze Age in western Asia Minor now have the choice to read up on it either online or in the form of a book. The book is authored by Eberhard Zangger and published by Ege Yayınları, Istanbul. It comprises 295 pages and 150 for the most part color illustrations and can be ordered as a softcover from various online booksellers (ISBN 9786059680875).