City of Troy still hidden in floodplain

The Turkish archaeological journal Olba today published an article which claims that the Bronze Age city of Troy has never been found. It lies 5 m deep buried in the Karamenderes floodpain, a few hundred meters west of the site of Hisarlik. Swiss geoarchaeologist Eberhard Zangger and Turkish archaeologist Serdal Mutlu jointly reconstructed the water management system that may have existed at Troy.

“Troia’daki Yapay Limanlar ve su Mühendisliğı: Bir Jeo-Arkeolojik Çalışma Hipotezi” [PDF, 3 MB]
Eberhard Zangger & Serdal Mutlu, Olba 2015, vol. 23, 553-589.