Bademgediği (Puranda)

Number: 56
Latitude, longitude: 38.180317, 27.309150

The site has been excavated from 1999 to 2007. The settlement possessed a fortification wall of 750 m length with two gates, one in the south and one in the north. The wall was 3.60 m thick and consisted of Cyclopean blocks in the lower part and medium-sized stones on top. A carefully worked road with large flat slabs of natural stone and deeply incised tracks from carriages has been exposed over a few hundred meters. the road seems leads into the direction of Kolophon and Baklatepe. Six phases of habitation have been distinguished. The lowest dates to the 16th cent. BCE. The 15th and 14th cent. BCE is particularly rich in typical Anatolian Gold Wash Ware, Red Ware and Gray Ware. Mycenaean material shows up only after 1180 BCE. The settlement was eventually abandoned in the mid-7th cent. BCE. Thus Late Geometric and Early Iron Age finds occur close to the Surface.