Çeşme, Bağlararası

Number: 69
Latitude, longitude: 38.319517, 26.304983

The site is located in the city center of Cesme only 200 meters from the modern yacht harbor. The Bronze Age settlement was excavated from 2002 to 2005 under the direction of Hayat Erkanal. Since 2009 up until today Vasif Şaboğlu is directing the excavations. The place was inhabited from some point (2600–2200 BCE) during the Early Bronze Age II until Late Bronze Age (at about 1320 – 1270 BCE). Actual habitation layers dating to the Late Bronze Age have not been found yet. Only a waste pit revealed LBA fragments, locally made as well as Mycenaean. The local ceramics resemble those known from elsewhere in western Anatolia. Mycenaean pottery dating to LH III–A2 and III–B1 was imitated.