Fred Woudhuizen (1959–2021)

The field of Luwian studies has lost one of its most knowledgeable and prolific scholars: Frederik Christiaan Woudhuizen passed away on September 28, 2021. Fred Woudhuizen was an expert on ancient Indo-European languages, hieroglyphic Luwian and Mediterranean protohistory. He obtained a doctorate from Erasmus University Rotterdam with a dissertation on The Ethnicity of the Sea Peoples. Woudhuizen has published 25 books, including The Luwians of Western Anatolia – Their Neighbors and Predecessors (2018) and Luwian Hieroglyphic Text in Late Bronze Age Scribal Tradition (2021). He has also dealt extensively with Lycian, Lydian, Sidetic, Carian, Etruscan and Southwest Iberian. – Apart from being a valued colleague, Fred was above all a kind-hearted person. Those who knew him will miss him.