Luwian Studies supports research projects in 2019

The foundation Luwian Studies will again support various research projects in 2019 which aim to increase the knowledge of the Middle and Late Bronze Age cultures of Western Asia Minor. Contributions are made to field-oriented as well as literature studies in archaeology and linguistics. The foundation aims to consider freelance scientists and university-based researchers at about the same extent. – These are the ongoing projects funded by Luwian Studies:

  • Christoph Bachhuber and Michelle Massa: “Archaeological Landscapes of a Luwian Kingdom: Late Bronze Age Tarhuntašša and Iron Age Tabal on the Konya Plain”
  • Erkan Fidan: “Hacıkebir Höyük Intensive Survey, Geomagnetic Survey of Tavşanlı Höyük and C-14 analysis”
  • Francis Breyer: “The linguistic relationship between hieroglyphic and cuneiform Luwian
    and the origins of the Anatolian hieroglyphics”
  • Willemijn Waal: “The Origins of Writing in Western Anatolia and the Aegean”