Professor Christian Marek visits Luwian Studies

Professor Christian Marek, historian, epigraphist and author of the reference work History of Asia Minor in Antiquity, visited the team of Luwian Studies and said afterwards: “I was very impressed from the visit to Mr. Zangger and his team in the offices of Luwian Studies in Zurich. Historical and archaeological issues, particularly with respect to the Middle and Late Bronze Age in Anatolia, are addressed here in an unconventional way. Scientific methods play the key role in this pursuit. Their technically sound implementation makes some of these issues appear in a new light and raises hope to bring about some original insights. The team’s research power is accompanied by an admirable care to turn ideas into graphic representations thereby making them understandable. The technical effort that is invested produces visualisations of excellent quality. Luwian Studies is thus destined to attract the interest of a broad audience.”