SEAC Meeting in Warsaw

The 30th conference of the European Society for Astronomy in Culture (SEAC) was held in Warsaw, Poland, September 6-9, 2023. “Between ancient and modern astronomy” was the main theme. The conference venue had been chosen to commemorate two important anniversaries of Nicolaus Copernicus: 550 years after his birth and 480 years after his death. For this reason, the conference participants took a full-day excursion to Frombork, the city where Copernicus worked for 40 years until his death. During the general meeting, Rita Gautschy was unanimously elected as the new president of SEAC. She succeeds A. César González-García. Rita Gautschy and Eberhard Zangger published two papers on the Hittite rock sanctuary Yazılıkaya in the Journal of Skyscape Archaeology in 2019 and 2021. At the conference, the president of the Luwian Studies foundation, Eberhard Zangger, gave a lecture with thus far unpublished information on the comparative archaeology of cosmological ideas in the Ancient Near East.