Number: 85
Latitude, longitude: 37.592533, 27.984783

The ancient city of Alabanda is located in the village Doğanyurt in the district of Çine and the province of Aydın. It is located 3 km west of the Bronze Age settlement of Çine-Tepecik Höyük which may well have been its predecessor. Excavations of the substantial Alabanda were first conducted in 1904/05. More recently, the Museum of Aydın jointly with Adnan Menderes University in Aydın conducted excavations. Since 2015 is investistigated under the direction of Ali Yalçın Tavukcu from Atatürk Unviersity in Erzurum. All inquiries concentrated on Hellenistic-Roman architectural remains. So far, no prehistoric material has been recorded.

The Tawagalawa-letter mentions a city called Waliwanda which may indeed correspond to the Hellenistic Alabanda.