Number: 105
Latitude, longitude: 39.187817, 27.319400

The site of Ayazköy (also Ayaskent) is located 17 km northeast of Pergamon. The low settlement lies on the bank of the river Kaikos. So far, no excavations have been made. The place was settled from the Late Chalcolithic/Early Bronze Age until the Late Bronze Age. The 2 m high hill is about 100 x 100 m in size. According to Jürgen Dreihaus, the whole knoll has been plowed and the plowing resulted in a 1 m high terrace on the north and west side. The tell is littered with shards of handmade wares and some fragments of wheel-made pottery with milky gray coating (Troy VI). The pottery is quite uniform, gray to brown, rarely dark brown. The surface finds are characteristic of the Trojan lustrous ware.