Beşiktepe-Yassıtepe and Beşik-Cemetery

Number: 2
Latitude, longitude: 39.915167, 26.150817

The tell site is located 7 km south-west from Hisarlık and 2 km south of the village of Yeniköy. Manfred Korfmann excavated the site in 1982–1987. On the cape, his team found pottery typical of the earliest Troy I phase as well as remains of an Early Bronze Age settlement comprising several phases. Traces of a Late Bronze Age settlement were also found on the cape and east of it in the adjoining isthmus. The material culture belonging to late Troy VI consists almost entirely of Anatolian Grey Ware. However, painted Mycenaean pottery sherds were also present. The settlement most likely stretched from the cape east and southeast towards the Beşik burial ground. This necropolis, dating to the 13th cent. BCE and consisting of 100 graves of men, women and children, was already mentioned in the 1925 issue of Archäologischer Anzeiger (Brückner 1925, 247). Korfmann finally excavated the tombs, primarily pithoi, some cists, and two burial-houses, all of which were arranged in a regular pattern usually with an orientation to the southeast. Multiple burials occur within some pithoi and within the same grave skeleton burials and cremation may appear together.