Number: 110
Latitude, longitude: 38.943833, 27.039950

The remains of the ancient city of Elais are located in the southwest corner of the Kaikos valley. The area belongs today to the village Kazıkbağları in the district of Pergamon. During the Hellenistic period, this used to be a port for the region of Pergamon. No excavations have been made so far. The excavation team from Pergamon, however, began in 2007 conducting geophysical and geodetic investigations with the aim of producing a map of the former port facilities. At the same time an archaeological survey was carried out, but its results have not been fully published yet. Bronze Age pottery was found on the acropolis and on the north side of the town. The earliest material belongs to the 3rd millennium BCE. Finds dating to the 2nd millennium BCE were also made. The acropolis was probably occupied by a Bronze Age settlement. During the 5th century BCE the city became a member oft he Delian League. In the Hellenistic-Roman period, the city minted its own coins.