Fığla Tepe

Number: 14
Latitude, longitude: 39.895000, 26.308917

Fığla Tepe is located near the southern end of the Kara Menderes floodplain at Troy, 1.5 km south of the village Taştepe and 500 m west of the road from Çanakkale to Ezine. So far, no excavations have been made. Heinrich Schliemann reports two concentric circles of fortification walls with an internal diameter of 60 m that were about 50 m apart.

John Manuel Cook visited the mound and regarded it as a fortress or refuge site. According to him, the many natural stones in the area belonged to the former buildings. Cook saw fragments of pithoi and ceramics but did not date them. Schliemann saw only raw, unglazed and unpainted wheelmade pottery that was thoroughly fired and showed a red color. The Troy excavation team found only a few Gray Ware pieces.

The place may have been a citadel dating to the Troy VI period.