Number: 122
Latitude, longitude: 37.279517, 27.584550

The ancient city of Iasos is located on the Gulf of Güllük in the province of Muğla. The modern village is today called Kıyıkışlacık. Part of the Hellenistic-Roman city was excavated under the direction of Doro Levi (1960-1972), Clelia Laviosa (1972-1984) and Fede Berti (1984-2011). Since 2015, Asuman Baldıran is director of the excavations. Iasos was inhabited from the Early Bronze Age until the Byzantine period. Numerous ceramics of Minoan style and Minoan weights, as well as other findings indicate close relations with Crete. Fede Berti asks whether these indicated trade relations or a direct colonization. From about 1500 BCE up until 1200 BCE, the influence is predominatly Mycenaean.