Milas Pilav Tepe

Number: 120
Latitude, longitude: 37.255733, 27.727683

The 75-meter-high bedrock knoll of Pilavtepe lies on the edge of a floodplain, just south-west of the foothills of the Sodra mountain chain near the interstate road from Milas to Bodrum. Surface finds indicate that the thus far unexplored hill was already inhabited during the Late Neolithic and that it continued until late Antiquity. The flat part of the hill top is still partly surrounded by an about 2 m thick wall consisting of unworked stones. Remnants of terrace walls appear on some of the slopes. A chamber tomb was found in the lower third of the knoll. According to Mathias Benther, 30 Mycenaean vessels or fragments of them were retrieved from the grave. The pottery dates to the LH IIIA-C. So, the chamber tomb was in use between c. 1375-1130 BCE.