“The Artificial Sky” – Workshop in Jena

The workshop “The Artificial Sky – Efficient Data Management in Cultural Astronomy” took place at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, November 1–3, 2023. The event was excellently organized by Susanne M. Hoffmann. Doris Vickers and Georg Zotti from Vienna assisted her. The Michael Stifel Center in Jena generously supported the event. Among the participants and speakers were such luminaries as Clive Ruggles, Hermann Hunger, Wayne Horowitz, and Steven Gullberg. Stellarium developer Fabien Chéreau appeared for the first time. A world premiere was the presentation of Stellarium in a planetarium, the world’s oldest to boot. Eberhard Zangger presented and discussed further theses on the interpretation of the Hittite rock sanctuary of Yazılıkaya with experts from all five continents. This workshop has provided us with ideas that will keep us occupied for a number of years to come. Many thanks to the hosts!